Save up to 50% on your telephone bill AND earn money back on incoming calls

The Vox Supafone offers dual mode functionality, you can easily switch between internet (VoIP) and fixed-line calls at the touch of a button.

Enjoy the convenience of internet calls in exceptional sound quality.

The Vox Supafone is multi-line, so you can register up to 6 handsets and make up to 3 calls in parallel: 2 VoIP calls and 1 fixed-line call.

  • Plus, with its energy-saving ECO DECT technology, calling is better for the environment.
  • Save on call costs and earn rebates
  • Multiline flexibility: register up to 6 handsets
  • Internet and fixed line calls - up to 3 in parallel
  • The Vox Supafone comes standard with the GIGASET Supafone handset and a base station, but does not include a Router


  • An ADSL line
  • An ADSL internet account (available from Vox) - Uncapped ADSL accounts are NOT recommended
  • A router or ADSL modem
  • A laptop, desktop (PC) or Apple Mac for configuration of the Supafone

Vox Supafone is compatible with all Telkom ADSL lines, from 384Kbps to 4Mbps

* Please Note: Talk Time applicable to the Supafone does not roll over to the next month.