YahClick from Vox Telecom is a cutting-edge, Ka-band , satellite internet service that delivers reliable, high-speed internet connectivity to users in areas with limited or no internet access, at costs comparable to current terrestrial services. YahClick Satellite Internet, is available in a range of packages that suit any environment and user segment, right from basic internet access for home users through to high speed service plans for corporate users. YahClick Satellite Internet offers unlimited uploads and it's also quick to install, which means that you no longer need to wait weeks for installation or put up with poor signal and cable theft. The need for affordable, reliable connectivity is higher than ever and our YahClick Satellite Internet product will ensure that Satellite Internet is a viable option for any South African.

How it works

Vsat access works just like satellite TV (e.g. DStv) and operates according to the same technology; namely, a satellite in orbit that communicates with the mini dish outside your home at lightning fast speeds. In other words, you require both a Data package and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) aka satellite dish and modem/router. YahClick technology maximizes spectral efficiency through frequency re-use. While this sounds rather technical, it means that YahClick can provide high power, concentrated beams targeted over specific areas with high market potential. The ability to re-use frequencies in different locations enables greater efficiency in the use of the frequency spectrum. The stronger satellite signals require smaller dish sizes and ultimately bring down costs to subscribers. Vox Telecom is the South African service partner and will be offering a variety of YahClick Satellite Internet Service plans and value added products.


  • High speed internet connection almost anywhere in South Africa
  • Quick installation times
  • Completely independent of traditional connection mediums such as ADSL and GSM/3G
  • Unlimited uploads (not counted as part of the monthly data allowance)
  • Unlimited downloads during the Free Zone (01h00 – 06h00) for consumer and business packages
  • Service plans with a 'V' in the name deliver 'Prioritized Voice Channels - 'special treatment' to ensure VoIP call quality which enables you to make telephone calls via your Satellite Internet connection.
  • Additional data can be added and packages adjusted in the user-friendly YahClick customer zone.
  • Static IP addresses on selective business packages.
  • FAP (Fair Access Policy) applies to the majority of the packages. Once data threshold has been reached, download speeds are throttled until in green zone again. See FAP section for more information.
  • FAP Tokens: YahClick provides subscribers the ability to restore the speed of their service package by activating a Fair Access Policy (FAP) Reset Token.
  • Latency: One-way latency via the satellite and back to South Africa is around 400ms, which means it's good enough for running voice without the latency getting in the way - most people don't even notice it. Should two customers, both behind Yahclick call each other, the one-way latency is around 700ms

Hardware: Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) & Installation

The equipment/hardware is supplied and installed at the premises of the customer through @lantic by an authorised installer . Your position, data package and network specifications will determine the composition of the CPE ("Customer Premises Equipment") packages. The standard CPE packages include the following:

  • Satellite dish ( 74cm, 98cm or 120cm dishes) and bracket
  • LNB (Transmitter/Receiver Unit, TxRx 1 or 2 Watt)
  • Hughes HN9260 or HN9460 Indoor Routers
  • Installation Voucher

The average duration of an installation is 3 hours, which includes the mounting of brackets, pointing of the transmitter, cabling and connection to the customer's computer of network, this is also referred to as a "Standard Installation". If the preparation of the customer's premises required special preparations or a complex installation, the customer will be liable for that additional cost. Installation price includes the installation of the CPE, but does not include travel and accommodation to places outside of the installer's area of influence. This cost will be quoted and settled between customer and installer.

Equipment can either be rented or purchased once-off.

Data: Connectivity Packages

Home User Packages

*Once-off R171.00 setup fee applies

Business User Packages

*Once-off R171.00 setup fee applies

Enterprise Packages

*Once-off R171.00 setup fee applies
**The Upload Mini and Upload Master service plans have unlimited upload capacity but has a limited daily download (DL) capacity. This is ideal for broadcasting.

FAP: Fair Access Policy

FAP (Fair Access Policy): The majority of the packages also come with a pre-defined monthly data download limitation that forms part of YahClick's Fair Access Policy, aka FAP. Subscribers are able to use up to 10% of their monthly download allowance at any time during a rolling 72-hour period. Once a subscriber has consumed the 10% download data allowance allocated during any rolling 72 hour period, the maximum "up to" download speed will be throttled accordingly to a pre-specified level based on the package speed. Should the subscriber wish to continue data download, the YahClick system permits the download but at the reduced speed however the connection is not terminated. Irrespective of speed of download, the YahClick is in essence an unlimited "always on" internet connection. The YahClick system does not currently limit the amount of data uploaded or reduce upload speeds. Even when a subscriber has exceeded their download limit and they go into FAP state, their upload speeds are maintained at original levels and uploaded data is not counted.

FAP Tokens: YahClick provides subscribers the ability to restore the speed of their service package by activating a Fair Access Policy (FAP) Reset Token through our web interface or by phoning our 24/7 Service Center. The FAP Reset Token resets the download counter back to zero and the subscriber gets a new full 72 hour data download allocation at the full service package speed (this is equal to 10% of the total monthly data allocation at any time during a rolling 3 day period or 72-hours).

Consumption limits and Notices. Consumers can access a usage meter through the End User Portal to monitor consumption.

Home User - FAP

Business User - FAP

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